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Revo rack is a completely new type of car luggage rack that virtually eliminates the risk of paint damage, caused by steel clamps or straps on the boot/trunk lid edge. No matter how careful you are when fitting a conventional rack you will at some point chip or scratch the paint. With Revo-Rack no metal touches your car only soft webbing and even softer EPDM Foam Rubber. Developed by the same team that designed the revolutionary boot-bag, Revo Rack simply straps with webbing to your cars boot/trunk lid.


We manufacture Revo Racks in the UK. 


The Rack :

The rack is manufactured from 25mm 6063-T5 tubing this is an aluminium and magnesium alloy. As a result the rack weighs only 1.672kg perfect for todays aluminium and composite boot/trunk lids. The cross bars are machine welded in place to ensure consistency. We have invested significantly in tooling to create the one single upright radius. 



The Supports :

The rack sits on four high density EPDM sponge rubber supports, these spread the weight evenly over the boot/trunk lid. These foam rubber supports can be placed at any point on the racks frame meaning that the rack can fit any boot/trunk lid that takes its foot print of 90x42cm / 36"x17" . The foam is incredibly dense at 130-170kg/m³ and has a tensile strength of 500kPa. Its also closed cell meaning that it won't absorb water. The foam will compress and bend instead of the boot/trunk lid making it essentially impossible to dent your boot lid. Revo Racks load carrying capacity has been rated at 20kg.



The Connectors :

Six Velcro straps attach to the rack these can rotate through 180 degrees again making universal fitting a possibility. Velcro has a strength of 13 Psi or 914 grams per square centimetre this means that the rack can technically hold a weight of over 65kg : in short its not going to come off your boot lid at high speed. 



The Straps :

Three 25mm nylon webbing straps are laid out across your cars open boot/trunk these are then connected to the 30mm Italian made D rings on the end of the straps that attach to the rack. The webbing can carry a load of 500kg, its soft and once pulled tight it won't move and damage the boot/trunk lid edge. This system has already been tested on the 10,000 boot-bags sold since 2008.





convertible luggage rack

Revo-Rack Fitted to SLK R170


convertible luggage rack

Straps simply loop around your boot lid


Convertible luggage rack

EPDM Foam Rubber takes the weight of the rack & luggage


convertible luggage rack

Six straps secure the rack to your cars boot lid


How the Revo Rack works.

Please watch the video below to see how the Revo Rack works on a Mercedes SLK


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