Testing / Certification

Tested to ISO/PAS 11154:2006 Road vehicles -- Roof load carriers


Revo-Rack has been independently safety tested and evaluated by TUV Italy. Part of the global TUV testing and certification group. Please see TUV Sud

The Revo-Rack was tested to ISO/PAS11154:2006 the internationally recognised test standard for car roof bars see ISO:11154.

There is no standard for luggage racks. We believe its the only convertible luggage rack for sale globally that has passed these safety and load tests. It also passed the European Directive for the General Safety 2002/95/CE.


Revo-Rack is officially , safe secure and stable.


Revo-Rack is more secure we think than a traditional luggage rack that uses relatively small clamps on the boot/trunk lid edge ; and thus spreads the load of the rack over a very small area. With three 120mm vacuum cups Revo-Rack spreads the load over almost 300cm square / 40" square.


The testing / certifcation process included ;


  • Driving with the Revo-Rack attached at over 200km/h / 125mph at the Porsche Nardo test track in Southern Italy with a 20kg/45lbs load


  • Driving on the infamous Belgium block paved road with the rack secured again loaded with 20kg/45lbs load


  • Emergency braking tests from 80kph/50mph - loaded with 20kg/45lbs the rack stayed secure


  • Speed tests at 130km/h 180km/h 80mph/110mph


  • 10 minute pulling force assessment with 645N applied approx 65kg/145lbs to the loaded rack. The rack stayed attached and did not bend or deform.


We believe Revo-Rack is the only convertible luggage rack for sale globally that has passed these safety tests.




revo-rack review

Revo-Rack under going high speed testing at Porsche's Nardo test facility in southern Italy.

revo-rack tested

A loaded Revo-Rack being subjected to a 654N 65kg/145lbs lifting force for ten minutes - a test it passed

revo-rack luggage rack review

Revo-Rack was fully loaded with an un aerodynamic load during testing and certification, the luggage straps that are supplied with the Revo-Rack were used during the testing process.