Fiat 124 Spider Luggage Rack

Fiat 124 Spider Luggage Rack

Revo-Rack Black £229.95 / $319 / 265 € 

Revo-Rack PA £269.95 / $385 /  320 €

Revo rack is a completely new type of Fiat 124 Spider luggage rack that virtually eliminates the risk of paint damage, caused by steel clamps or straps on the boot/trunk lid edge.

With the Revo-Rack car boot rack no metal touches your Fiat only soft rubber vacuum cups these use the pressure of the atmosphere to secure the rack to your cars boot or trunk. We manufacture two models the black Revo-Rack which is powder coated aluminium and the PA which is hand polished and then anodised for an amazing shine.

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Why a Revo Rack 124 Spider Luggage Rack ?

  • No clamps
  • No bolts
  • No drilling
  • No paint damage
  • Designed and engineered for the new Fiat 124 Spider typically it has a 3-4mm panel gap, paint damage with a conventional rack is almost guaranteed.
  • Measures 90x42cm / 36"x17"
  • Revo-Racks load carrying capacity has been rated at 20kg / 45Ibs bu TUV Italy
  • Revo-Rack has been extensively tested by TUV Italy. It underwent force tests, speed tests and braking tests - It passed all of the these. The only convertible luggage rack globally that has been tested in this way.
  • Attaches the matt black paint on the Abarth Spider - no marks / no damage
  • Fitted and removed in under a minute ( see video below )
  • Not immediately obvious how to release the rack from the boot/trunk lid - Impossible to pull off therefore theft is difficult. Anti theft strap available
  • If you do stop for a prolonged period and are concerned about your luggage we suggest you remove the rack and luggage and place it inside your car, a 30 second task.

The Rack Frame :

This Fiat 124 Spider luggage rack is manufactured from 25mm/ 1" 6063-T5 tubing this is an aluminium and magnesium alloy ( it will never rust )  As a result the rack frame weighs only 1.672kg / 3.6lb perfect for todays aluminium and composite boot/trunk lids. The cross bars are machine welded in place to ensure consistency, the rack is powder coated black. The rack measures 900x420mm  /  36"x17"

The Supports :

The rack is secured to your Fiat's boot/trunk lid using three 120mm/5" vacuum cups,  rated by the manufacturer as capable of holding an 18kg/40lb load each.

Vacuum cups employ the force of atmospheric pressure to grip a surface: When a vacuum exists between the cup and the surface on which it is attached, the weight of Earth's atmosphere holds the cup in place with incredible force. Unlike suction cups that produce a vacuum as they pull away from the surface, Revo-Racks vacuum cups use a hand-actuated pump to efficiently remove air from between the rubber pad and the attaching surface thus creating a much more reliable hold. Because the full face of the pad is brought into contact with the boot/trunk lid, distortion is reduced, allowing the cup to be used with very little risk of damage.

The Revo-Racks vacuum cup's pump feature a plunger with a red line, which serves as a vacuum indicator. This safety device is still acknowledged as one of the most reliable warning systems available. A few strokes of the plunger evacuate the vacuum pad, causing it to seal securely to the attaching surface. When the cup is attached completely, the plunger stops moving and the red line is hidden within the pump. A visible red line indicates if air has leaked back into the pad, making vacuum insufficient to use the cup. However, if the red line becomes visible while the cup is in use, a check valve allows the user to re pump the cup without losing the remaining vacuum.

Lifting on the release tab near the edge of the pad allows air to refill the evacuated space, so that the vacuum cup detaches completely. The racks sits 7.5cm / 3" off the boot/trunk lid

Soft rubber can never chip scratch or mark paintwork

Optional anti theft strap

High quality manufacture

luggage rack clamp using 3M tape to protect paint

No 3M stickers to compensate for poor design





revo-rack luggage rack fitted to a red fiat 124 spider 2017 model

Revo-Rack Black : No clamps on the fragile boot/deck lid edges

Fiat 124 Luggage Rack fitted to a red fiat 124 spider in sunshine

Perfect fit on the 124 spider


fiat 124 spider trunk rack stainless steel

Does not interfere with Sirius Antenna on USA Model

fiat 124 spider trunk luggage rack

Revo-Rack PA - Polished Anodised has an amazing deep lambienecy

revo-rack luggage rack fitted to a blue fiat 124 abath spider

Revo-Rack also fits the Abarth 124 and won't damage the matt paint

124 spider abarth luggage rack in black fitted to a blue fiat 124

No tools, no bolts no hassle, no damage.

Revo-Rack has been extensively tested by TUV Italy. It underwent force tests, speed tests and braking tests - It passed all of the these. The only convertible luggage rack globally that has been tested in this way.

fiat 124 spider luggage rack revo-rack with a boot-bag vacation fitted

The waterproof boot-bag vacation luggage bag fits the Revo-Rack perfectly ( also manufactured by us )

Fiat 124 Spider Luggage Rack ; Fitted in 30 seconds

Revo Rack Fiat 124 Spider Luggage Rack ; Secure, Stable, Safe


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